A process of creating programs using computer language.

We used a lot more word programming than the word coding.

In fact, most of the consumer electronics and machinery products are coded. For example, if you take the elevator and press the button, you can also press the button

to move it into that layer.

Other example you will get drink, if you press the button in the vending machine. that's coding.

Coding examples

Coding can be viewed as one language, tools, and means of attempting to communicate to a computer. 

Our peripheral appliances

Coding is also used for household appliances and machine products around us.


Press the elevator button to use coding when moving to the floor.

Vending machine operation

Coding also drinking water comes out when you put money in the vending machine and push the button.

Begin of coding education

The UK started education on coding at school since 2014, and from this, coding hot education in various countries around the world is blowing. Korea is also obliged to educate software at elementary and junior high schools from 2017. For high school, from 2018, subjects will be deepening elective subjects and turn into general elective courses. As you can see, get a society where the importance of circular coding in the future is emphasized?

Coding education that is considered essential

Introduction of Computing (software) essential subjects

In the UK, from September 2014 the compute course was designated as a mandatory subject in all grades from 5 to 16 years old.

United States, France, Finland, Estonia, Israel

In each country, SW courses (including the study of programming and the creation of simple applications) are actively included in the curriculum.

Changes in each of the world

Each country in the world has been actively training software after entering the information age.

You can easily learn coding from

                                                     "Global coding"

Program composition

■Elementary and Secondary School Coding Class

      Once a week (80 minutes, tuition: 35,000 won)

■Secondary Free Semester (Grade) Coding Class

    Once a week (80 minutes, tuition: 35,000 won)

■Coding (Software Education) Instructor Course

    *Coding Instructor Course: 50 hours
     *Coding Instructor Coaching Course 120 hours
     *Acquired instructor certificate after completion of

      lecturer course
     *Free semester, after-school teacher recommendation

■Coding (software training) training materials supply

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